Anviron Awarded Long-Term Reclamation Modeling Contract

Anviron Awarded Long-Term Reclamation Modeling Contract

The Anviron Holding Company, a manufacturer and marketer of “Clean & Green” products and technology, announced today that its TerraSolve subsidiary has signed a long-term contract for reclamation modeling and carbon credit analysis with the Nigerian National Oil Corporation and their subsidiary the Integrated Data Services Limited.

The contract will focus on developing complex environmental models for ongoing reclamation projects over the next five years. TerraSolve/LIA will expand services under this agreement to integrate reclamation geological, geophysical and carbon credit analysis. The agreement also includes a provision for data management services and an enhanced application for workflow support.

“Our state-of-the-art environmental modeling programs have given us access to this long-term relationship in order to provide our client real-world data in a real-world setting,” stated Antonio Mussino, General Manager of IT Services – TerraSolve/LIA. “As one of the world’s largest production Companies of petroleum products, our client needs a comprehensive analysis tool for their geoscientists and engineers to help optimize decision making,” said Wolfgang Hunterbok, senior Analyst for TerraSolve/LIA. “We are excited to have this opportunity for a long term agreement as our client begins to develop remediation and redevelopment strategies for the coming years.”

TerraSolve/LIA is a state-of-the-art development and testing lab, which collects data from clients around the world to run projects simulations ranging from usability, capacity, spread and weather modeling testing. This contract once again redefines the working environment of the capacity of the TerraSolve/LIA laboratory by branching out into secondary industries. The petroleum remediation industry is estimated to be $360 billion in size, of which $112 billion is estimated to be Design, Analysis, Engineering and Pre-remediation services.

Anviron is a company dedicated to bringing to market “Clean Solutions to Complex Problems” by offering a wide range of biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and technologies that will substitute for many of the hazardous chemicals commonly used all over the world. For information about Anviron and its product offerings visit us on the web at

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