Argex Mining, CIC Resources and Munksjö AB weigh in on issues affecting the titanium dioxide industry

Argex Mining, CIC Resources and Munksjö AB weigh in on issues affecting the titanium dioxide industry

With only a few weeks remaining until IntertechPira’s 12th TiO2 conference, Argex Mining, CIC Resources and Munksjö AB provided insights into their presentations and the future of the industry. TiO2 2011 will be held February 14-16 at the FireSky Resort in Scottsdale, AZ, US and will explore and debate commercial opportunities, market trends and new technical developments in the titanium dioxide industry.

J David Lowell, President/CEO of CIC Resources Inc, who is currently managing exploration projects in Peru, Paraguay, Chile and Central America focuses on the Parana TiO2 project and the changes this could bring to the TiO2 industry. “Parana may be a TiO2 industry game changer and by that I meant to say that in an industry with a limited market the production from a new deposit, which is apparently bigger than other TiO2 deposits with higher grade, and lower production costs might result in lowering the world TiO2 price,” said Lowell. “This is especially true considering our low cost mineral separation process which produces a very clean concentrate and the abundant, low cost Paraguayan electricity.”

Michael A. Dehn, President, CEO & Director for Argex Minerals, with over 18 years of experience in the mining industry, has recently been focusing on titanium, vanadium, iron, cobalt and gold. Dehn previews Argex’s La Blache Deposit and his hopes to “establish relationships with some pigment producers [at IntertechPira’s TiO2 conference] so that we can work together on material testing of the TiO2 product from La Blache ore and work towards contracts for Argex’s TiO2 product.”

Bernhard Beck, Vice President Procurement for Munksjö AB will discuss with conference attendees Décor Paper. The recent global economic crisis impacted the Décor Paper industry. “At the “peak” of the crisis, the Decor Paper industry saw a heavy price pressure on paper prices in connection with significant volume losses, resulting in a problematic revenue situation,” said Beck. ‘During 2010, demand recovered unexpectedly and raw material price increases could be passed on to the market.”

TiO2 2011 is chaired by Reg Adams, Chief Executive for Artikol and Dr. James R. Fisher, President and CEO of IBMA Inc. The keynote presentation will be delivered by Peter O’Sullivan Global Marketing Leader for DuPont Titanium Technologies and will cover the topic of delivering sustainable growth. Other key speakers include John Elder, President, OUTOTEC USA; Jan Prochazka, Ph. D., President, Advanced Materials-JTJ Inc. and Dr. Stephanie Watson, Research Chemist for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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