Avnel Gold Outlines Additional Prospective Drill Targets from a Soil Geochemistry Program at its Kalana Exploitation Permit, South Mali

Avnel Gold Outlines Additional Prospective Drill Targets from a Soil Geochemistry Program at its Kalana Exploitation Permit, South Mali

Recent Soil Geochemistry Program Produces Km-Scale, Gold-in-Soil Anomalies

Avnel Gold Mining Ltd. (AVK: TSX) is pleased to announce that a recent phase of detailed soil geochemical surveys, initiated across its large Kalana Exploitation Permit in the year 2006, has outlined km-scale, gold-in-soil anomalies in addition to the nine significant anomalies discovered in Phases I and II that have been previously reported (press releases of July 27th 2005 and August 2nd 2005 and shown in fig.1).

In Q1 of 2006, the soil geochemistry survey of Phase IV Exploration Program was conducted within four grids grouped into two areas: Kalana Mine area and East Dabaran area (fig. 1).

The specific grid areas were chosen on the basis of former results, the degree of artisanal activity (the locations of greater than 19,000 artisanal mining sites have been fixed by GPS), results of historical work by Sonarem-Sogemork (the Malian state exploration company), the interpretation of an airborne magnetic survey and the presence of interpreted greenstone rocks (i.e., Birimian metasediments).

Kalana Mine Area

In the Kalana Mine area the anomalous soil results describe a roughly circular pattern with a nucleus of highest values (radius of approximately 1.0km) located in the vicinity of the Kalana Mine (Zone A), a central band having an approximate radius of 1.8km (Zone B) that is characterised by slightly lower Au values and less coherent cluster patterns, and an outer envelope (Zone C) characterised by elevated background values and widely dispersed anomalous clusters (fig. 2).

Zone A, which lies east of the Kalana Mine that contains a Measured and Indicated Resource of 1.0 million ounces. This includes the Kalana II open pit with an Indicated Mineral Resource of 76,000 ounces, lying 600m to the east in Zone A. The zone is characterized by significant Au-in-soil anomalies with the potential to become future drill targets.

Zone B hosts several significant Au-anomalous zones, in particular a new anomaly has been identified (anomaly B-2) that encompasses an area approximately 1000m by 400m and represents an excellent drill target (fig. 2). This anomaly lies NW of the Kalanako prospect (anomaly B-1)

Zone C is host to a very significant orpaillage site (zone B-10 and zone C-2) with more than 3,500 orpailleurs pits that stretch in a north easterly direction for over 1.5km and is presently considered a potential drill target (fig. 2).

Dabaran Area

New soil sampling in the eastern Dabaran area (Grid #7B) has produced four main Au anomalies. Most of the anomalies of Grid #7B show an alignment of soil values along an ENE or NE direction, with the exception of anomalies located in the northern part of the grid which show a preferred alignment in a NW direction (fig. 3).

Despite the relatively low values of the soil anomalies resident in Grid #7B, their dimensions are important, the longest ranging up to 2.5km in length. More than 550 orpailleurs pits have been recorded in Grid #7B and they are located in the two main Au-anomalous areas.

Avnel management is very encouraged by the results of the soil geochemical surveys as almost all the chosen grid areas sampled since 2004 have produced significant, km-scale anomalies, suggesting large fluid systems and a common genesis. Many of the soil anomalies have a pronounced NNW or NW elongation suggesting a fundamental fault control on gold emplacement, similar to that at the Kalana deposit.

Drilling at Avnel’s Grid #8 anomaly (south of Dabaran, fig. 1) has produced significant results including: intersections of 11.1g/t over 24m and 12.5g/t over 19m (Press release of April 19th 2006).

The soil sampling program was planned and supervised in the field by Michel Mercier (a ”Qualified Person” in accordance with National Instrument 43-101), who is a consulting geochemist and exploration geologist with more than 20 years of experience in West Africa

Avnel’s principal asset is an 80-per-cent interest in Sociã©tã© d’Exploitation des Mines d’Or de Kalana (SOMIKA). SOMIKA is the holder of an exploitation permit encompassing 387.4 square kilometers around the Kalana gold mine in southern Mali. The Malian government holds the remaining 20 per cent in SOMIKA. The Kalana Mine is an operating mine with a Proved and Probable Ore Reserve of 428,000 ounces at an average grade of 14.2g/t

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