Bard Ventures Ltd. Retains Cronus Capital Markets for Strategic Consulting

Bard Ventures Ltd. Retains Cronus Capital Markets for Strategic Consulting

Saturday, August 2nd 2008

Bard Ventures Ltd. has retained CCM Corporate Advisory, a division of Cronus Capital Markets Inc. (CCM), to assist the company with information-based strategies to increase market efficiencies and overall liquidity.

The services to be provided by CCM will include the production of various forms of research coverage through CCM Research (a division of Cronus Capital Markets), ongoing media coverage, web-based as well as live investor presentations, and distribution and dissemination of research reports. Bard Ventures Ltd. will be paying $60,000.00(CAD) for these services over the next 12 months.

There is no prior relationship between Bard Ventures Ltd. and CCM, nor is there any prior direct or indirect interest in Bard Ventures Ltd. or its securities, or any right to acquire such an interest on the part of CCM.


Bard Ventures Ltd. ( has been engaged in the business of the acquisition, exploration, and if warranted, development of natural resource properties since inception.

The company is currently focusing on the following projects:

The Lone Pine Property consists of 7 mineral claims covering 1051 hectares, which are approximately 15 kilometers north-northwest of Houston, BC, and are situated in the Omineca Mining Division. Exploration or mining activities have been conducted on and around the area of the Lone Pine Claims since early in the last century, with a considerable amount of geological, geophysical, and geochemical work having been done on the Property since 1976. The Company is extremely pleased with the initial results on the first phase of drilling.


Cronus Capital Markets (, with a presence in Toronto, New York, Vancouver and Los Angeles, assists companies in a wide variety of industries and emerging growth sectors by creating and executing information-based strategies to overcome market inefficiencies that are commonplace for the vast majority of public companies, such as: share illiquidity and stagnant market capitalization. The head office of Cronus Capital Markets is located at Suite 206, 116 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2K6.

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