Broadwater Energy Seeks Permission to Build Projects Related To LNG Plan

Broadwater Energy Seeks Permission to Build Projects Related To LNG Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has received an application from Broadwater Energy for construction projects related to its plan for an offshore liquefied natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound.

The application is to construct the yoke mooring system that would be used to anchor the LNG barge in the middle of the Sound, in New York waters about 10 miles south of Branford. Broadwater is also seeking the Army Corp’s permission to construct an undersea pipeline to carry the natural gas from the barge to a main pipeline in the western end of the Sound, and to place fill in the Sound.

Broadwater, a partnership of Shell Oil and TransCanada Pipeline, is seeking its main permits for the facility from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The Army Corps regulates the construction of the proposed structures and placement of fill.

The Army Corps said it is seeking comments from the public, federal, state and local agencies and other officials about Broadwater’s application. Its decision will be based on the project’s impacts on endangered species, historic properties, water quality, the environment and other public interest factors, the Army Corps said in an announcement about the application.

FERC will conduct meetings on Broadwater’s application jointly with the Army Corps in January. Dates have not yet been announced.

For information about the application, call Russell Smith at 917-790-8519 or log on to the New York District Corps of Engineers Web site at

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