Canoro Suspends Amguri 10 Drilling

Canoro Suspends Amguri 10 Drilling

Canoro Resources has suspended drilling of the Amguri 10 appraisal well on the Amguri development block in northeast India, pending collection of additional information. The company will now conduct a Vertical Seismic Survey (VSP) in the well bore and analyse other geophysical data. The VSP’s principle role is to assist in calibrating the 3D seismic against the results actually obtained. A full interpretation and integration of the VSP results and additional data into the existing 3D seismic is anticipated to take a month.

While the VSP is being acquired, processed and integrated, the drilling rig will be moved to the Sonakhet location on the AA-ON/7 exploration block. This well is planned to test two independent exploration prospects, a large basement high and a Barail sub-crop feature and is anticipated to be drilled to a depth of 1,500 meters. Canoro plans to move back to Amguri 10 pending results from the integration and analysis of the VSP and other information.

Canoro is a Canadian-based international oil and gas company operating in the Assam/Arakan basin of northeast India. Canoro is the operator of Amguri field with a 60% working interest. Canoro is the operator with a 65% working interest in the AA-ON/7 exploration block. Canoro also has a 15% non-operated working interest in the AA-ONN 2003/2 exploration block.


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