Caterpillar 797F, 795F-AC & 793F Mining Trucks

Caterpillar 797F, 795F-AC & 793F Mining Trucks

At MINExpo 2008 Caterpillar introduce four new trucks. The 793 series in the 240- to 250-ton class will be available in both mechanical (793F) and electric (793F AC) versions. The 345-ton 795F AC, a new size for Caterpillar, will be available in electric drive only, while the flagship 797B is replaced by the new 797F mechanical drive, maintaining its 380- to 400-ton target payload. The 797F and 795F AC, along with the recently introduced 777F, displayed on the exhibit floor. Completing Caterpillar’s new mining truck line will be new versions of the 785 and 789 mechanical drive trucks, upgraded to meet customer requirements for safety, serviceability, operator comfort and emission standards.

Some great pictures of the new Caterpillar F-series trucks, the 797F, 795F-AC & 793F Trucks.

Caterpillar 793F

Caterpillar 795F

Caterpillar 797F

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