Cloudbreak Receives Additional Coal Permits

Cloudbreak Receives Additional Coal Permits

Cloudbreak Resources Ltd. report that Saskatchewan Energy and Resources has delivered to The Company additional coal permits encompassing 8 full or partial townships.

To date, Cloudbreak Resources Ltd. has a total of 18.5 full or partial townships, or approximately 410,000 acres of coal permits in Saskatchewan and approximately 350,000 acres for the rights to subsurface potash which lie in the Vermillion area on the Saskatchewan-Alberta border.

“Letters of Comfort” have been issued by Saskatchewan Energy and Resources to Cloudbreak for an additional 16.5 townships (approximately 370,000 acres), with supplementary verbal assurance from the ministry that these applications have been granted approval and are awaiting formal documentation.

This news release has been prepared on behalf of the Board of Cloudbreak Resources, which accepts full responsibility for its contents. The contents of this release have been reviewed and approved by Marvin A. Mitchell, P.Eng., Director of Cloudbreak Resources Ltd., a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.


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