Coal Mining Facility Prepares For The Worst

Coal Mining Facility Prepares For The Worst

July 16, 2006 Filed Under: Coal Mining, Mining Services  

Coal officials hope there is never another mining fatality, but one an eastern Kentucky coal company is preparing for disaster, just in case.

Teco Coal company officials say their mines are safe, but know something unexpected could happen at any time.

“Worst case scenario, if something happens in our mines, we hope to be well prepared,” said David Wilder.

So they’re planning now in case disaster strikes in the future.

“It’s very important to have this already in place. That way everybody will know what to do,” said Teco Coal Safety Coordinator Colombus Heath.

Officials are creating an emergency plan for every type of possible accident and rescue situation. For every scenario, they’re planning exactly what everyone does, who everyone calls, and where everyone goes.

“When you’re having to react to a situation, a disaster, or a serious accident, there’s so many things happening,” said Wilder.

By having a disaster plan in place, should an accident happen here or anywhere else, coal officials know everyone can handle the situation as quickly as possible.

“The better prepared you are, the quicker you can react,” said Wilder.

Because every second counts when a life is on the line.

Officials believe this time spent planning will save time, and perhaps a life, in the future.

Teco officials say they’re planning drills to practice emergency plans.

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