Commerce Resources Corp. Exploring Eldor for its Rare Earth Potential

Commerce Resources Corp. Exploring Eldor for its Rare Earth Potential

Commerce Resources Corp. report that it has initiated its summer field work program at the Eldor Project, located in the Labrador Trough area of northern Quebec, Canada.

The program will include mapping, prospecting, and rock and trench sampling and is designed to test some of the areas that were identified in 2008 with high values of rare earth elements, tantalum and niobium as well as new prospective areas nearby. In particular, work will focus on the area between the Northwest and Southeast zones close to the high concentrations of rare earth elements identified in rock samples in 2008.

Prior exploration at the Eldor has included soil geochemical surveys, airborne and ground geophysical surveys, geologic mapping, trenching, and diamond drilling. This exploration confirmed the tantalum and niobium potential of the project with results from the 2008 exploration reported June 3, 2009.

In addition to the high values of tantalum and niobium identified over the past two field seasons, anomalous rare earth element rock samples were found concentrated just northwest of a central magnetic low between the Northwest and Southeast areas. Additional prospecting is required, but this magnetic low could represent an area favourable for concentrations of rare earth elements.

Several samples taken in 2007 and 2008 returned anomalous concentrations of rare earth elements, with 42 samples assaying greater than 0.5 per cent and 23 samples assaying greater than 1 per cent. A carbonatite boulder collected in 2007 assayed the highest total rare earth elements, at 41,828 parts per million (4.18 per cent). Considering that nearly 30 per cent of all rock samples collected by the company during 2007 and 2008 returned greater than 0.5 per cent rare earth elements, these results suggest there is good potential for significant rare earth element mineralization on the property.

The diverse array of mineralization found in the Eldor Carbonatite is not uncommon to these types of systems. Carbonatites are very rare and unique rock types, with approximately 500 complexes known worldwide. Often containing a variety of exotic minerals, carbonatites have been known to produce economic concentrations of rare earth elements, niobium, copper, iron, apatite, vermiculite and fluorite; with significant byproducts which may include barite, zircon, tantalum, gold, silver, uranium, nickel and platinum group elements.

An aeromagnetic map with drill hole locations for the Eldor Property may be viewed at:

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