Connexus Energy’s Utility Truck Services Selects N4 Systems’ Field ID for Their Vehicle Inspection and Certification Services

Connexus Energy’s Utility Truck Services Selects N4 Systems’ Field ID for Their Vehicle Inspection and Certification Services

August 15, 2008 Filed Under: Mining Equipment  

Utility Truck Services has selected the market leading electronic inspection and safety compliance system, Field ID, to manage all of their utility truck inspection and maintenance procedures. Utility Truck Services selected Field ID for its unmatched real-time safety compliance technology that will be used over multiple vehicles types in the field.

“At Utility Truck Services we have been expanding our fleet inspection and maintenance services and we needed an effective way to manage these inspections”, said Jim Larson, Manager of Utility Truck Services. “We chose Field ID because of its focus on safety compliance combined with its easy to use mobile software. Allowing our team to record inspection and maintenance reports in the field makes us much more efficient. Our new mobile capability combined with the ability for our customers to retrieve their reports online in real-time is exactly what we were looking for.”

“Utility Truck Services’ is focused on ensuring that their customer’s fleets are compliant with all Department of Transportation (DOT), ANSI and OSHA requirements which makes them a perfect fit for Field ID” said Shaun Ricci, COO of N4 Systems. “This also marks our entry into fleet truck inspections. We are extremely excited to be working with an industry leader such as Utility Truck Services.”

About Utility Truck Services:

Utility Truck Services provides dielectric and structural testing for all types of utility vehicles to ensure their customer’s fleets are compliant with all DOT, ANSI, OSHA and industry requirements. With a state-of-the-art repair facility conveniently located in the North Metro of the Twin Cities area, providing two mechanic shifts daily, plus emergency road repair, Utility Truck Services ensures a faster turnaround of vehicle inspection and repair.

As a service of Connexus Energy, Utility Truck Services maintain and repair our own fleet of trucks at this facility, and have the know-how, experience and commitment to get the job done right – and get it done fast.

About N4 Systems:

N4 Systems Inc. is the world’s leading provider of automated inspection and real-time safety compliance management software for companies of all sizes. Through its flagship product line, Field ID, N4 Systems offers an integrated product line that combines advanced RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, state-of-the-art wireless hand held mobile computing, highly secure data management, distribution and storage, remote system management and support, and optimized high speed World Wide Web network integration. Field ID customers enjoy the many benefits of reduced operational costs, improved efficiency, accuracy and reliability. By utilizing rapid data distribution and access, fully automated compliance and inspection forms and secure data storage, Field ID allows for real-time access to current and historical inspection data. Field ID makes the world of paperless safety compliance and inspections a reality.

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