Japanese gas utilities want to provide Indonesia with technology that would allow it to produce gas from coal, in exchange for a stable supply of liquefied natural gas to Japan, a senior industry official said Thursday.
“Coal-to-gas technology has been there for a decade or so,” said Kunihiro Mori, managing director of the Japan Gas Association. […]

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With prices for key commodities at record highs, Indonesia — Southeast Asia’s biggest economy and a key exporter — should, at first glance, be enjoying good times. But with high oil prices leading to a government fuel subsidy blowout and rising food prices hitting the poor, analysts say most Indonesians are being squeezed.

Indonesia is the world’s […]

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Malaysian Estate Owners’ Association president Boon Weng Siew said the price control mechanism under the Cooking Oil Subsidy Scheme (COSS) was causing the industry to suffer. Responding to Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad’s suggestion to review price control and subsidies, Boon said artificial price controls led to shortages in the market.

Cooking […]

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Monday, the media reported that the Indian Government-owned National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd., or NMDC, the largest iron ore producer and exporter in India, is negotiating with Canadian-based New Millennium Capital Corp., or NML, to develop one of the world’s largest underdeveloped low-grade magnetite iron-ore deposits project, valued at $3.5 billion or Rs.14,000-crores.
Besides developing the […]

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Central States Enterprises has announced plans to build a new corn ethanol facility which will be located next its present grain terminal near Montpelier.
According to a press release issued by the company over the weekend to the Muncie Star Press, the $150 million project will provide 200 jobs during construction and will create about 40 […]

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Aurelian Resources Inc. announced additional drill results from the Fruta Del Norte (”FDN”) gold-silver deposit discovered in its Condor Project in southeastern Ecuador. The results are from infill holes in the central high grade part of the system on 50 m spaced sections.
“We continue to drill aggressively, with three rigs now pursuing the blue sky […]

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Video corporativo Armadrill ingenieria en perforacionViewed: 55 timesLength: 04:13

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Ppl of CP are helping recover the cave and stop the flooding with the mining helment.Viewed: 279 timesLength: 04:46

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The highwall mining machine, Terex SHM Miner, is the most advanced, reliable, and efficient highwall mining system in the world. It is the first practical highwall coal mining system capable of mining parallel entries to predetermined depths, thus linking surface and underground operations to maximize coal recovery and profits. Terex SHM’s innovative highwall mining system […]

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Phuket town (now called Phuket City) is the oldest hub for business in Phuket. It offers some great examples of Sino Portuguese architecture which were built during the tin mining industry by mainly Chinese traders from 100 years ago.Viewed: 7827 timesLength: 05:16

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Mine owner George Perez, transporting a load of uranium, is ambushed and left for dead after a fall over a cliff. Badly hurt, he makes his way to town doctor Frank Harding (Leo Cleary), secretly the boss of the outlaw gang working with a foreign government to steal the uranium,who poisons him and passes his […]

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Nuclear stuff, mining for uranium and coal, some graphic images of radiation exposure at chernobyl, to pink Floyd’s song “welcome to the machine”Viewed: 774 timesLength: 07:22

March 5th, 2008 Tags: Coal, CP, mining, Uranium

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