Delta Mining and Exploration to Begin Microdiamond Analysis of Three Buttes Kimberlite

Delta Mining and Exploration to Begin Microdiamond Analysis of Three Buttes Kimberlite

After consideration and discussion with its geological consultants, Apex Geoscience, Chief Executive Officer Brett Rodli and the Board of Directors of Delta Mining and Exploration have agreed to move forward with the exploration of the Three Buttes kimberlite.

Three Buttes has been deemed a bonafide kimberlite, therefore Apex recommends a microdiamond analysis of the Three Buttes property. Delta has the funds to complete the sampling and laboratory costs and has instructed Apex to begin preparing for the yet-to-be-determined time in November to collect the sample.

A microdiamond analysis consists of collecting several kilograms of kimberlite from specific points in and around the kimberlite target. The sample will be taken to the lab and will undergo caustic fusion. Once caustic fusion is complete the lab will examine the remaining content for microdiamonds. Results from the sample will be delivered to Delta, which will then release them to the public.

Mr. Brett Rodli states that “the microdiamond analysis of Three Buttes will help us determine if the kimberlite target is diamondiferous. If the kimberlite target is determined to be diamondiferous, then we will work toward a more aggressive and substantial exploration program.”

In addition, Delta’s consultants have provided coordinates to known kimberlite targets throughout the state of Montana. Delta, with the assistance of Apex, will prioritize and consider these properties.

Delta Mining and Exploration Corp. is a mineral exploration company with an extensive portfolio of diamond properties in central Montana, USA. Delta controls some 7,554 acres throughout Montana located within the Wyoming Craton where much of North America’s diamonds have been found.

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