Diamond Countertop Tools & Granite Machinery From DIACO Innovations Has Launched Their New Web Site

Diamond Countertop Tools & Granite Machinery From DIACO Innovations Has Launched Their New Web Site

DIACO Innovations, www.godiaco.com, suppliers of diamond tools, granite countertop tools, granite and stone industry machinery, construction machinery and diamond tool parts has launched their new web site.

DIACO Innovations, a leader in supplying granite countertop tools and stone industry machinery has launched a new web site with an expanding line of granite countertop tools, parts and supplies for the granite countertop industry. You can now find their most popular name brand tools on-line for very competitive prices, such as the Gison GPW-510A Air Profiling Machine, the Blue Ripper Rail Saw, the Red Ripper SR. Router, and the DIACO Air Water-fed Wet Sander, Polisher. More diamond tools and granite countertop tools will be added weekly, but if you do not find the tool you are looking for, just call them 1-866-50-GODIACO for anything you need.

DIACO also supplies heavy stone industry machinery like diamond wire saws, granite slab saws, bridge saws, granite polishers, CNC milling machines, stone splitting machines, rock crushers, computer controlled diamond saws, and large diameter diamond saws with up to 12 ft blades. Top brands include DIACO, Steinex, Marini, and other top brands of large stone machinery and equipment.

DIACO provides on-site machinery installation and training for all type of major stone industry machinery and diamond saws. DIACO has over 15 years experience servicing large diamond saws and will provide you on-site service at any location in North America. Services include re-tipping large diameter diamond saw blades, straighten and re-tensioning diamond saw blades, machinery service and installation. Get on-site training for diamond wire saws, large CNC stone machinery, & granite countertop machinery.

DIACO supplies parts and supplies for all the machinery and tools they sell, including diamond saw blades, diamond impregnated router bits, diamond wire for wire saws, rock bits, polishing heads and polishing pads, drill steels, diamond impregnated CNC bits, turbo cup wheels and granite countertop suction lifters. Shop on-line or by phone for your granite tool parts and supplies.

For more information, visit the DIACO Innovations web site at www.godiaco.com

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