DOT gives grant to Milton ethanol plant

DOT gives grant to Milton ethanol plant

The United Ethanol plant in Milton got a boost Thursday from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The Beaver Dam company received a Transportation Economic Assistant grant for $139,000 and a long-term, low-interest loan for $1.02 million.

The loan will pay for the construction of a 516,000-bushel grain storage bin.

The grant will cover half the cost of constructing 1,206 feet of railroad track off the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad line, said Don Uelmen, a DOT representative.

The city of Milton is paying off the other half of the $278,000 project.

It was the third transportation grant issued to Milton. The city received a $53,500 grant in November 1998 and a second grant for $175,000 in July 2004.

United Ethanol is one of 10 companies to share in state awards totaling $11.3 million.

Other area companies are:

– Wisconsin & Southern Railroad, which received a $2.87 million grant for rehabilitation of a 21-mile rail line between Janesville and Walworth. The railroad also received a $960,000 grant to help pay for improvements to seven bridges on the Janesville-to-Monroe and Janesville-Walworth lines.

– Farm City Elevator, Orfordville, which received a $381,883 loan to help construct a 231,000-bushel grain storage bin. Much of the stored corn will be shipped to ethanol production plants in Wisconsin.

– Cooperative Plus, Whitewater, which received a $108,816 loan to construct a winch and cable system to control railcar movement during loading operations.

– Jefferson Grain Processors, which received a loan for $1.5 million to renovate the existing malt load-out facility in Jefferson and install storage tanks.

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