Drilling Project Extended on the Hotish Uranium Project

Drilling Project Extended on the Hotish Uranium Project

Due to encouraging results, management of DIOS EXPLORATION INC. announce that the Hotish property drilling program that began in July of 2008 has been continued.

Twelve drill holes were completed until now totalling over 3,000 metres. Eleven drill holes have intersected radioactive rocks which are looked for. Drilling is concentrated on the first target, the Butte showing, discovered by DIOS in July, and is spread over some 4 kilometres.

Several meters large zones with radioactive counts up to 3,500 cps (richer in uranium) are included in an envelope of dozens of meters in thickness with radioactive counts of about 600-1,000 cps on the drill core. In one location, at least four drill holes intersected a higher radioactive zone on a lateral distance of at least 75 metres and a vertical depth of 225 metres from the surface. Rich in biotite and around 4 metres thick (true width), this very radioactive zone showed counts in the order of 3,500 cps and is open in all directions.

This significant discovery results from the work undertaken on only one of the seven prioritized targets identified on the Hotish property. More information will be released as soon as available.

(i) cps : counts per second
cps on the drill core: readings on half pieces of core taken out from the core box with a RG 130 spectrometer (giving lower cps than a spectrometer RS 120 or 125)

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