Duluth Metals Appoints Dean M. Peterson, Ph.D. as Senior Vice President, Exploration

Duluth Metals Appoints Dean M. Peterson, Ph.D. as Senior Vice President, Exploration

Duluth Metals Limited announce that Dean M. Peterson, Ph.D. is joining Duluth Metals as Senior Vice President of Exploration effective October 1, 2008. Dr. Peterson has over 20 years of experience in mineral exploration, geological consulting, and developing economic geology programs. Dr. Peterson is one of the pre- eminent authorities on Duluth Complex mineralization and brings extensive technical knowledge to the Company through his previous position as Senior Research Associate at the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) of the University of Minnesota in Duluth as well as co-director of the Precambrian Research Center (PRC) at the University. Dr. Peterson holds a B.Sc. Geology and a Ph.D. Geology from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Peterson will be primarily responsible for the overall direction of the Company’s exploration programs and will focus on advancing the geologic exploration, modeling and interpretation of the Nokomis Deposit and surrounding Maturi Extension Properties. He will work closely with David Oliver, Project Manager for the development of the Nokomis Deposit.

“We are very pleased in adding Dean Peterson to our senior management team and that he will be maintaining his relationship with the NRRI and PRC”, said Christopher Dundas, Chairman of Duluth Metals. “Dean brings a wealth of knowledge of the Duluth Complex to the Duluth Metals team and his insights will be invaluable in the further exploration and development of the Nokomis Deposit.”

As an industry geologist and consultant, he has experience with a variety of deposit types including; Archean lode Au deposits; epithermal Au; VMS deposits; Duluth Complex Cu-Ni-PGE deposits; high-grade Cu-PGE veins beneath the Sudbury Igneous Complex; and Cu-Au-Mo porphyry deposits. Dr. Peterson has held previous exploration geology positions with Cominco American Inc., Teck Exploration, and Newmont Exploration Limited, and led a number of detailed geologic mapping programs including the giant Cu-Au-Mo Pebble Deposit in southwestern Alaska.

Dr. Peterson’s research interests include economic geology, the Ferrar magmatic system in Antarctica, geological mapping, Precambrian geology, mineral potential modeling, and three-dimensional modeling of ore systems. Dr. Peterson has been part of the National Science Foundation’s initiative to develop a Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) in the United States, first as a Principal Investigator for the University of Minnesota’s proposal for the Soudan Mine, and second as a technical collaborator with the DUSEL teams associated with the Homestake and Henderson mines. He has taught field geology, including Duluth Complex Cu-Ni-PGE deposits, computer analysis methods in geology, Earth’s Resources, and Archean lode gold deposit courses at the University of Minnesota since 1998.

Dr. Peterson has been on the Advisory Board of Duluth Metals since 2006. Prior to that, he was responsible for the development of a conceptual idea for the formation of high-grade copper-nickel-PGE mineralization on the Maturi Extension Properties and was involved in the compilation and GIS integration of drill core, geological, geochemical and geophysical data in the property area.

Duluth Metals is committed to acquiring, exploring and developing copper, nickel and platinum group metal (PGM) deposits. Duluth Metals’ principal property is the Nokomis Deposit located within the rapidly emerging Duluth Complex mining camp in northeastern Minnesota. The Duluth Complex hosts one of the world’s largest undeveloped repositories of copper, nickel and PGMs, including the world’s third largest accumulation of nickel sulphides, and one of the world’s largest accumulations of polymetallic copper and platinum group metals.

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