Dutch Gold Announces Initial Results of Jungo Drilling Project

Dutch Gold Announces Initial Results of Jungo Drilling Project

Dutch Gold Resources, Inc. today announced that the results of Phase One of the Jungo drilling project indicate favorable data. The Company is pleased to report that initial results appear to be favorable, and to announce the next steps in the interpretation of the data.

The Company is reviewing the drill core from its Jungo property in Humboldt County, Nevada. The hole was drilled at 60 degrees to the northwest to cross the southeast-dipping geology. Dutch Gold is pleased to announce that the drilling has intersected extensive breccia containing a wide variety of locally rounded clasts including volcanic fragments and locally extensive pyritic quartz clasts in a matrix of clay and apparent quartz sericite. This is interpreted to be the volcanic vent that was crossed almost perpendicularly from 92 feet to 280 feet in a 188-foot segment of a trench that overlies the drill hole a short distance to the south.

In the trench, the eastern twenty feet assayed 0.042 opt gold and more than 0.5 opt silver. A select 5-foot sample of the hot springs rock assayed 0.6 opt gold and 4.44 opt silver. Additionally, the western portion of the vent in the trench contained intervals that assayed better than 0.01 ounce per ton gold. The core is interpreted to be the upper level, lower temperature part of a gold system that could strengthen at depth.

The volcanic vent gold system is interpreted to be a younger, separate system from the gold and copper system that was the focus of the earlier exploration in the area. This newly identified system does not appear to contain copper.

Dutch Gold believes that a combination of the mineralization in the newly discovered system with the earlier identified gold and copper mineralization should be evaluated for its combined open-pit potential. Furthermore, the new system should be evaluated on its continuation to the north and at deeper levels.

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