Dynegy, Sierra Club discuss coal plants

Dynegy, Sierra Club discuss coal plants

Dynegy Corp. chief Bruce Williamson met with the Sierra Club to discuss eight proposed coal plants.

Following Dynegy’s merger with LS Power last week, Dynegy shifted into a plant developer role, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday. Williamson met with representatives from the environmental group in Washington to talk about the eight proposed plants.

Williamson said though the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality had already granted air permits, it was unlikely all eight plants will be built due to fluctuation in the market. The Texas commission’s decision is also being appealed by several environmental groups.

Karen Hadden, executive director of the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Coalition in Austin, Texas, cited TXU’s cancellation of eight plants last month after its buyout by private companies as an example worth following.

Williamson wouldn’t commit to any plans but said he does support federal regulation of carbon dioxide emissions.

Hadden said, however, coal plants are unacceptable because of the emissions levels, especially when there are renewable sources like wind readily available.

Information from: www.upi.com

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