Explore depleted uranium dangers

Explore depleted uranium dangers

Mr. Gosney in his Feb. 5 letter to the editor, brought up several points in attempting to debunk the dangers of depleted uranium.

One of them was Judith Hick’s reason for pulling out of Iraq because of the use of DU.

I don’t imagine the U.S. military is going to release information to the public about the dangers of DU. Dr. Doug Rokke, Ph.D., depleted uranium project director for the U.S. Army tasked with developing training and management procedures has addressed the dangers of DU exposure and its military use.

One of Dr. Rokke’s primary complaints is the lack of troop training about DU dangers. Thus, DU, chemical and biological weapons and vaccine cocktails have become the Gulf War veteran’s agent orange.

Dr. Rokke, in a paper titled “Depleted Uranium: Uses and Hazards,” explains troops aren’t only being exposed to DU, but are being deprived of testing and proper care upon exposure. Plus, the VA loses records and makes it miserable for veterans to get disability benefits alluding to the fact the Army doesn’t want to admit culpability.

Dr. Rokke is concerned recycled depleted uranium-contaminated metals are reaching the consumer market.

He reports uranium 238 (DU) is still dangerous as an internal hazard and can do serious damage to humans because the alpha particle emissions aren’t reduced, but proportionately increased. Spent penetrators or parts emit 300 mrem/hour and can’t be touched or picked up without protection.

DU is used because it ignites on impact. Forty percent of the penetrator forms DU oxides that are aerosolized and fall to the ground and are left on the terrain. Beta particles from fragments and intact rounds pose a serious health threat with possible exposure rates of 200 millirads per hour upon contact. .

Dr. Rokke is being treated for depleted uranium exposure with 5,000 times the permissible level of DU in his body.

Joyce Riley, R.N., B.S.N., spokeswoman for Gulf War veterans and military surgical nurse, plus Loren Moret, a geological scientist and international radiation specialist, and Dr. Rokke expertly testify in the film, “Beyond Treason,” regarding why DU is so dangerous to our troops, and that our troops have been used as experimental subjects – sometimes without their knowledge or consent. The film is highly documented with Freedom of Information Act documents.

Moret is a prominent spokeswoman who travels the world educating about consequences of using DU and how it disperses into the jet stream. She found a relationship in increased diabetes around the world in the wake of DU.

Dr. Helen Caldicott also travels the globe educating the public and chastising leaders of countries which produce, implement and sell DU munitions and nuclear weapons.

Dr. Mohammed Miraki has a Web site with photos showing deformities to children in Afghanistan because of parental exposure to DU.

Don’t take my word for it. There is ample information available to research on DU and sizable numbers of qualified professionals speaking against its use on our enemies and public.

Information from: themountainmail.com

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