Explorer backs preferred site for iron ore port

Explorer backs preferred site for iron ore port

A minerals explorer in the Pilbara, in north-west Western Australia, says it is happy with the State Government’s preferred site for a new iron ore port.

Aurox Resources has a potential iron ore and vanadium project near Ronsard Island, the site announced last week as the best place for a new multi-user port.

Charles Schaus is the company’s managing director and he says shipping from Ronsard Island would greatly increase profits from the project.

Mr Schaus says one of the major mining companies would need to back a port at that location.

“Well it is my understanding that the majority of the ore to be shipped would come from I believe BHP held tenements, so it would be BHP as the major exporter and then there would be other smaller companies such as ours in the area developing our own resources,” he said.

Source: www.abc.net.au

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