First Oxy-fuel Clean Coal Retrofit To Be Completed In 2008

First Oxy-fuel Clean Coal Retrofit To Be Completed In 2008

Jupiter Oxygen, with the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority and Orrville Utilities announced Sept. 25 that work will begin on the world’s first oxy-fuel clean coal retrofit of an operating electric power plant. At the Orrville, Ohio 25 megawatt plant, Chicago-based Jupiter will utilize its patented Oxy-fuel technology combined with the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s Integrated Pollutant Removal (IPR) technology to create the first-of-its-kind Oxy-fuel clean coal electric power plant.

When the $34 million retrofit is completed in 2008, the plant will meet FutureGen’s 2020 goals for ultra-low emissions of mercury, NOx, SOx, and particulates, as well as be CO2 capture ready.

“This innovative technology promises great economic benefits by providing existing power plants the capacity to modernize and deliver clean and economical power to our country and helps reduce the need to construct costly new facilities,” stated Ralph Regula (R-Ohio 16th).

Jupiter’s patented process uses oxygen instead of air to burn the coal necessary to create the steam needed for power generation. Rather than reducing emissions of a single pollutant, the combined Jupiter Oxygen/IPR hybrid system combines technologies into a multi-pollutant control “package” that has been demonstrated to be an exceptionally effective environmental control system. In fact, testing shows that it is both practical and efficient to capture virtually all pollutants. The results indicated a 95% CO2 capture rate, 90% removal of all mercury, 99+% sulfur removal, 99+% particulate capture including more then 80% of the PM 2.5 particulate and a combustion level for NOx of only .088 Lbs/ MMBtu.

Unlike most clean coal technologies being developed, Jupiter’s process can be designed into new plants, or used to retrofit the existing 600 coal fueled electric power plants in operation throughout the United States.

For new coal-fired power plants with carbon capture, the production cost for electricity is projected to be 1.7 cents per kwh. The total cost of electricity, including amortization and capital expenses, is projected to be only 5.1 cents per kwh. Each of these cost figures is lower then those of alternative clean coal technologies, which do not achieve the same results as Jupiter’s Oxy-fuel/IPR hybrid technology.

Jupiter Oxygen Corp.

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