G & S Minerals Completes Company Audit; Improves Transparency and Public Disclosure

G & S Minerals Completes Company Audit; Improves Transparency and Public Disclosure

G & S Minerals, Inc. dba Gold & Silver Minerals, a mining company focused on developing high-quality and low-risk mineral resource and energy prospects, today announced that the Company has completed its audited financial statements for the years ended December 31, 2007 and 2006 and completed its unaudited interim financial statements for the three- and six-month periods ended March 31 and June 30, 2008 and submitted all of the financial statements and the accompanying audit report to the Pink OTC Markets website for public and investor review.

The financial statements are located under the ‘Filings’ tab at: http://pinksheets.com/pink/quote/quote.jsp?symbol=GSML

With the submission of the audited annual and unaudited interim financial statements and previous filing of its Company Information and Disclosure Statement (May 2008), the Company intends to qualify for an improved status in the Pink Sheets OTC market tier system. The Company has been categorized as “Caveat Emptor,” representing Pink OTC Markets’ public interest concern about the availability of adequate information and disclosure. Management expects that, pending review and approval of the financial and other submitted information by Pink OTC Markets, G&S would be eligible for inclusion in the “Current Information” tier of Pink OTC Markets. Although not a representation as to the investment quality of G&S minerals, the Company believes that inclusion in the “Current Information” tier of Pink OTC Markets will attract a broader base of shareholders and potentially improve the Company’s ability to secure capital in the public markets. The Company audit was performed by Gruber & Company, LLC of St. Louis, Missouri.

G&S Director, Edward C. Stanojev Jr., noted, “I speak for the entire Board when I express my appreciation to Gruber & Company, LLC for assisting us with this very important task of improving our financial transparency and disclosure. As a development company in a rapid-growth sector that has attracted a substantial number of other small companies seeking investment capital, we realize the importance of providing clear and current financial information. We are pleased about the progress we have made in improving our disclosure practices, and look forward to continuing to share the G & S Minerals story with our shareholders and the investment community.”


G & S Minerals, Inc. (which also does business under the name “Gold & Silver Minerals”) is a mining company focused on acquiring and developing high-quality, low-risk mineral resource and energy prospects. G & S Minerals is aggressively pursuing opportunities to develop working interests in mineral properties that offer a short time to production, as well as significant upside exploration potential. In addition, G & S Minerals is investigating opportunities for corporate transactions that will expand the mineral and resource portfolio. By leveraging its network of industry contacts, management expertise, and its targeted acquisitions, G & S Minerals is working to build rapid asset growth, near-term cash flow, and shareholder value. Additional information is available at G & S Minerals’ website at www.gold-silverco.com.

Company Contact: G & S Minerals, Inc. Charles Brown


Source: Gold & Silver Minerals

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