Gemcom MineSched 6.1 Software Makes Jobs Simpler for Mine Planners, Lowers Costs through Improved Efficiency

Gemcom MineSched 6.1 Software Makes Jobs Simpler for Mine Planners, Lowers Costs through Improved Efficiency

Gemcom Software International Inc., the largest global supplier of specialised mining productivity solutions, today announced that it has released Gemcom MineSched™ 6.1, the latest version of its next generation scheduling software for surface and underground mines of all sizes and types, improving productivity and profits beyond what could be achieved by manual scheduling. MineSched incorporates a unique four-step scheduling workflow and visual scheduling canvas to enable mine planners to create better schedules more quickly compared to other software.

MineSched 6.1 offers an unprecedented ability to accommodate for the unique planning characteristics found in every mining project and includes customer-driven enhancements such as linking MineSched to external Microsoft® Excel® workbooks for easy integration to existing planning processes. Combined with new features to allow mine planners to more intuitively manipulate, analyse, and report their scheduling scenarios, MineSched 6.1 helps produce practical schedules for any mine planning situation.

“We use MineSched for weekly, mid-range and long-term scheduling. It is a user-friendly software product that is easy to set up and learn. In fact, it’s so easy to use that it has increased my confidence and passion for scheduling,” said Ruth Menz, mining engineer, Golden Star Resources Ltd., Bogoso/Prestea Gold Mine. “With the software we are able to set realistic targets for the company and we know the life-of-mine at any point in time in just a few clicks. MineSched has also helped increase our efficiency, saving costs and reducing scheduling time, enabling us to spend more time using the end results it outputs. In addition, the software’s seamless workflows have reduced errors as there is no longer a need to manually input block model attributes.”

“At Gemcom, we engage with our customers and others in the industry to learn about their needs and objectives, both from a business and user perspective, and how software can better support them,” said Eli Alston, Gemcom’s product line manager, scheduling and optimisation. “This has led us to focus on ensuring we deliver the best software user-experience possible by providing solutions which are easy to use. By doing so, both the software user and their organisation benefit because the user becomes more proficient with the product faster and has the intuitive tools needed to develop mine plans that lower the cost of mining and processing. Further, this means that when a mine planner leaves an organisation, their position can be filled more readily as new users can be trained quickly.”

MineSched 6.1 benefits include: – Integration with other Gemcom systems including Gemcom Surpac™, Gemcom GEMS™, and Gemcom Minex™, creates a complete mine planning solution, through which many manual and routine tasks can be automated; – Decreased implementation and ongoing support costs due to reduced reliance on vendor setup services compared to other scheduling systems; – More powerful scheduling scenario manipulation; – Fine-tuned underground development scheduling; and

– Enhanced visualisation and analysis of scheduling scenarios.

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