Generon IGS Awarded a Contract for Two Nitrogen Generation Units by Chicago Bridge & Iron

Generon IGS Awarded a Contract for Two Nitrogen Generation Units by Chicago Bridge & Iron

GENERON® IGS, an affiliate of Innovative Gas Systems, has been awarded a contract to supply two (2) HPLC 7200LP Skidded Series Nitrogen Production Units to support Chicago Bridge & Iron’s (CB&I) global Engineering and Construction commitments. These systems were designed to produce 36000 SCFH with a minimum Nitrogen purity of 96 percent. These new Nitrogen systems will add to Chicago Bridge & Irons’ (CB&I) current Nitrogen generation fleet.

Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) realized early on the need to have a reliable source of on-site generated Nitrogen to support their Pipeline, LNG and Onshore as well as Offshore construction projects. Many projects are located in remote areas making logistics for reliable sources of Nitrogen difficult if not impossible. GENERON® IGS was selected as the supplier of these custom designed systems due to being the recognized leader in the industry for packaged on-site Nitrogen Generators. During its history, GENERON® IGS has supplied thousands of Nitrogen units worldwide for various applications in the Oil and Gas, Marine and Industrial Markets.

The GENERON® IGS NPUs are stand-alone systems that can be skid mounted or containerized and use GENERON® IGS membrane technology to provide an uninterrupted supply of gaseous nitrogen with purities from 95”“99.5 percent. The GENERON IGS custom designed Nitrogen systems create efficiencies by overcoming the inconvenience and expense of pipeline or truck delivery of liquid gas, gas cylinders or liquid Dewar tanks. With the GENERON® IGS units, offshore as well as onshore facilities can eliminate their dependence on outside suppliers of Liquid Nitrogen. Nitrogen is generated on site, requiring only a supply of compressed air. With flow and purity adjustable at the push of a button, a GENERON® IGS NPU allows operators full control of their own Nitrogen supply.

Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) is recognized as a global EPC leader in the delivery of single”“point engineering, procurement and construction services to a wide range of clients and applications.

For information on GENERON® IGS systems, please contact us through our website; or directly @ GENERON® IGS, 11985 FM 529, Houston Texas 77471; Phone: 713-937-5200; Fax: 713-937-5250.

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