Gilla Discovers Anomalous Gold Values in Angola

Gilla Discovers Anomalous Gold Values in Angola

Gilla Inc., a Nevada based mineral-property development company, announce that the 2008 exploration stream sediment sampling program returned anomalous gold values on its 199 km2 Salutar Comercio Prospecting Licence (“PL”) in the Province of Cabinda, Angola. Predominantly metasedimentary lithologies of Pre-Cambrian age of the Mayombe tectonic system underlie the PL.

The stream sediment sampling program covered about 25% of the PL and comprised the collection of the -2mm sieved fraction, for gold analysis, as well as a separate sample of the unsieved stream sediment fines, for multi-element ICP analysis, from each sample site. A statistically determined 300 ppb gold high-cut was applied to the gold values obtained for the 151 -2mm samples. Five samples are statistically anomalous and one additional sample, 1.2 ppb gold below the anomalous threshold, is considered potentially anomalous. Anomalous samples have a gold value equal to or greater than the mean plus 2 times the standard deviation.

The -2mm fraction sieved samples were analyzed by SGS in Johannesburg, South Africa, using the ‘bulk leachable extractable gold’ (“BLEG”) method. The unsieved fine stream sediment samples were analyzed for 51 elements by ALS Chemex in Johannesburg, South Africa using the low detection ICP method. The Company did not include commercial standards and blanks with the samples submitted for analysis. ALS Chemex and SGS are accredited laboratories and internationally recognized.

Based on the success of the 2008 exploration program the Company is looking forward to carry out stream sediment sampling on the unsampled portion of the PL. In addition soil sampling of 5 areas upstream of the anomalous gold values is planned.

“The anomalous gold values obtained in stream sediment samples adds encouragement that continued exploration may define drill targets and new discoveries,” said Daniel Barrette, Chief Operating Officer of Gilla.

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