Golden Share Mining Corporation Signs With CHF Investor Relations

Golden Share Mining Corporation Signs With CHF Investor Relations

Golden Share Mining Corporation announces that it has retained CHF Investor Relations (“CHF”). CHF is a well established, Toronto based, Canadian IR firm with another Canadian office in Calgary; as well as branch offices in New York, USA; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Shanghai, China.

Effective immediately, the IR services agreement is for a fixed term of twelve months subject to a satisfactory performance review at the three-month mark. Services may continue past the twelve months on an open-ended basis that allows for cancellation upon three months’ termination notice by either party. The agreement compensates CHF with fees up to $7,500 per month plus applicable disbursements. The Company has granted CHF incentive stock options in the amount of 75,000 options exercisable at $0.15 per share and 75,000 options exercisable at $0.20 per share on the TSX Venture Exchange for a period of five years. Further, these options shall vest in stages whereby one-quarter will vest at the end of successive three-month periods from the grant date. All options are subject to cancellation 30 days after termination of the contract as is required for Tier 2 the TSX Venture Exchange Issuers.

CHF is initiating its Market Liquidity Program, more commonly referred to market-making (“MM”), through CHF’s Calgary office. Mr. Philippe Giaro, Golden Share’s President and CEO, has agreed to provide $15,000 from his own personal assets to open a dedicated Golden Share trading account for MM. The MM activity will be undertaken by CHF through a registered broker in compliance with the guidelines established by the TSX Venture Exchange Policy 3.4 and other relevant policies. The agreement is subject to applicable regulatory approval.

Prior to the grant of options described above, CHF had no interest, directly or indirectly, in Golden Share or its securities, while CHF’s CEO Catherine Hume personally owns 497 shares of Golden Share.

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