Governments agree to a renewed mining action plan for Canada

Governments agree to a renewed mining action plan for Canada

Thursday, August 31st 2006

Mines ministers from the Government of Canada, the provinces and the territories concluded the 63rd Annual Mines Ministers’ Conference yesterday by agreeing to a mining Action Plan for Canada.

The federal-provincial-territorial Action Plan will guide intergovernmental initiatives that are critical to the long-term future of the industry. The goals of the agreement are to strengthen the competitiveness of the minerals and metals industry and to deliver benefits to mining communities across the country.

The ministers pointed to the importance of focussing on clear priorities: advancing the Cooperative Geological Mapping Strategies and improving the regulatory process. The ministers agreed that work be undertaken to improve the efficiency of the regulatory process and the addition of specific timelines for project approvals, while recognizing that environmental protection must continue to be pursued in a rigorous manner.

The ministers issued the following statement: “Mining is a driving force in the Canadian economy. It powers the financial sector and provides significant employment across the country in rural, remote, Aboriginal and northern communities, as well as in large urban centres. It also drives export growth, not only in the minerals and metals sector but also in the service, supply and equipment industries. For Canada to remain a competitive world leader in mining, we need to focus our priorities on innovation, capacity building, improving the taxation and fiscal climate for investment, and branding Canada in international markets. To do this, we are working collaboratively, so that communities in every province and territory can prosper.”

The ministers agreed that governments have an important role to play in setting the foundation for a competitive industry. The three themes of the Action Plan are essential to the industry’s competitiveness, building on the 2005 Conference, which focused on taking steps to advance viable mining communities.


The annual Mines Ministers’ Conference allows industry representatives, stakeholders and governments to continue the dialogue about the minerals and metals industry in Canada. It helps ensure that there are opportunities for Canadians now and in the future.


Canada’s mines ministers have agreed to a new intergovernmental mining action plan to strengthen the competitiveness of the minerals and metals industry and deliver benefits to mining communities. The agreement calls for efforts to improve the industry in three theme areas.

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