Huachuca Gem and Mineral Show has good turnout

Huachuca Gem and Mineral Show has good turnout

SIERRA VISTA ”” The old joke about useless rocks being scientifically categorized as ”Leaverites” often makes rock seller Ashton Bergstrand indignant.

But it wasn’t so offensive, the Tucson-based rock and mineral vendor added, in light of the good turnout on the first day of the Huachuca Gem & Mineral Club show Saturday. ”It depends on the time of day, I guess,” the vendor said. Bergstrand was among the 46 exhibitor booths at the Elks Lodge on Wilcox Drive Saturday.

The show continues today from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Committee Chairman Larry Nelson said the increase from last year’s 30 exhibitor booths was good news. ”We are growing, growing, growing,” he said.

The chairman attributed the growth to word of mouth about last year’s event, and good circumstances in general.

”I think last year proved we’re at a good location, and a good time of the month,” he said.

Vendors and customers come from throughout Arizona and neighboring states. Customers may spend as little as a quarter on minor things for sale at the show, or they may spend up to thousands of dollars on jewelry, Nelson said.

Local mom Sheila Travland browsed with her son, daughter and husband, though each had a different objective.

Thirteen-year-old Amber Rowlette preferred the beaded jewelry, but her mother was looking at a Medusa-like necklace holder.

”I’m into the fluorescent kinds,” said her brother, Josh Rowlette, 12.

Father Chris Travland added: ”I’m more of a fossil guy.”

A raffle for a $500 meteorite continues today, as well as the raffle for tickets to Kartchner Caverns, grab bags and ”cups-o-crystals.”

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