ICL-Industrial Products Announces Merquel(TM), a New Product Line to Reduce Mercury Emissions From Coal Fired Plants

ICL-Industrial Products Announces Merquel(TM), a New Product Line to Reduce Mercury Emissions From Coal Fired Plants

ICL Industrial Products (ICL-IP) is launching Merquel(TM), a new product line for reduction of mercury emissions from coal fired power plants, kilns and incinerators. The Merquel(TM) product line is based on ICL-IP’s line of inorganic bromides tailored specifically to be applied in various proprietary technologies developed in recent years to reduce mercury emission.

Mercury is a neurotoxin affecting child and infant development. According to the UN Environment program, once released, mercury persists in the environment where it circulates between air, water, sediments, soil and biota in various forms. Current emissions add to the global accumulation; and as mercury pollution travels great distances through the atmosphere, it is a global problem. ICL-IP is active in supporting the global efforts to reduce mercury emissions released into the environment.

The US is leading the effort to regulate mercury emissions, both at the federal and state levels. As more countries follow and establish their own regulations, the demand for mercury reducing technologies and products will increase.

Implementation of the regulations in additional countries around the world has the potential to increase the demand for bromine based products by hundreds of millions of dollars over the next decade.

ICL-IP’s Merquel(TM) product line, coupled with other technologies, allows coal fired plants to reduce mercury emissions by utilizing an economical solution, which can be tailored to the power plant’s specific configuration. Mercury removal technologies employing the Merquel(TM) product line are highly efficient solutions for mercury pollution, as they do not affect installed combustion systems or create any secondary pollution.

ICL-IP Industrial Products is one of ICL’s (TASE: ICL) three operating segments. It produces bromine, magnesia and chlorine from Dead Sea brines, and manufactures and markets a range of compounds, including a large variety of flame retardants, bromides for industry, agriculture and water treatment products, as well as a range of magnesia products, phosphorous and chlorine-based products for numerous uses.

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