IEA projects increased coal use

IEA projects increased coal use

Paris-based International Energy Agency has put coal in the future energy mix.

Due to strong demand, record oil and gas prices, concerns over energy security and a reluctance to fully bring back nuclear energy, coal has seen a resurgence in the European energy market.

It’s a trend that has been seen in the United States and Asia as well. Though it’s cheap and plentiful, coal brings up environmental concerns.

No less than 50 coal-fired plants have been built or set up for construction during the next five years in the European Union and there are many more than that in developing countries like India and China.

The IEA predicted that coal use will continue to rise, as there is an estimated 200 years worth of reserves left.

Coal, however, also remains the dirtiest carbon-based fuel and its use is attributed to a nearly have of the global carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions.


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