India: Chief Minister takes note of illegal mining in Bellary

India: Chief Minister takes note of illegal mining in Bellary

NDTV had on Friday telecast a special report on the illegal mining activities in the Bellary district of Karnataka.

The state’s Chief Minister, after watching the report said that he felt ashamed and that the government will take action to curb the rampant child labour in this flourishing illegal industry.

“I have taken it very seriously. As the head of the state I felt ashamed when I saw the episode. We are suspending some of the officers there who are involved in this kind of child employment activities,” said H D Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister, Karnataka.

During his visit to the areas where NDTV had shown that child labour was taking place, the Minister came across several young workers and tried to convince their parents of the need for education.

“Don’t spoil their lives by making them work. If they study it will be good for you. I know there are problems with drought and crop failure but don’t make small children work,” said Iqbal Ansari, Labour Minister.

A lot has to be done to stop child labour and to tackle illegal mining as a whole in the district. One can only hope that the action taken over the weekend was a serious indication of the direction the government intends to take.


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