Indonesia should optimized coal utilization: Expert

Indonesia should optimized coal utilization: Expert

Tuesday, August 29th 2006

Indonesia actually has the potential to produce 6.7 billion tons of coal annually, but the available coal deposits in the country have not been optimally exploited, Secretary General of the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) Arudji Phudri said here Monday.

The provision of energy in Indonesia should be oriented to the use of coal as a substitute for oil, for instance in the provision of alternative fuel for power generation, transportation and household activities, according to Arudji.

Speaking at the coordination meeting of chemical engineering students at PT Krakatau Steel`s auditorium, he said developing alternative energy sources, including coal utilization, is the only way to escape from the current energy crisis resulting from the soaring oil price.

He pointed out that Indonesia crude oil reserves have been depleted, and accounting for only 0.6 percent of the world`s oil reserves. “In such a critical condition, optimizing the use of alternative energy sources, including coal, is imperative in coping with the fuel shortage,” he added.

On the occasion, he also cited the importance of developing the utilization natural gas, geothermal energy, bio-fuel and other energy sources.

Krakatau Steel Director Daenulhay stated his regret that the application of sophisticated technology in Indonesia has an impact on the consumption aspect instead of the production aspect.

Citing an example, he pointed out that Indonesian consumers are more interested in using cellular telephones, televisions and such other products of sophisticated technology.

He suggested that university graduates and students should be able to introduce technology in the production process so as to minimize the negative impacts. (*)


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