Inter-Rock Minerals Inc.: Nevada Mineral Properties Update

Inter-Rock Minerals Inc.: Nevada Mineral Properties Update

Gravity and induced polarization (IP) surveys were conducted earlier this year at the Stingaree Valley project located in Churchill County, Nevada by Zonge Geosciences of Reno, NV. The property is located in a valley floor between the historic Chalk Mountain and Westgate mining districts. The surveys were designed to test for possible copper/gold porphyry mineralization and structurally or stratigraphically controlled gold mineralization. The data interpretation has now been completed by Zonge.

The gravity survey indicated a broad high that extends 1.5 to 2 kilometers to the southeast of Chalk Mountain and is interpreted to be an area of relatively shallow (100 to 150 m) pre-Tertiary rock lying beneath alluvial cover.

The IP/resistivity survey detected a zone of highly anomalous IP response that defined a northerly trending zone that crosses the area of shallow pre-Tertiary rock. The IP anomaly is associated with a gravity gradient and a strong lateral resistivity contrast that suggests a significant structural feature along the western side of the IP anomaly. The anomaly is open to both the north and south and extends to the east at greater depth. While such high-amplitude anomalies can be caused by graphitic carbon, the existence of a coincident reported historical spontaneous potential anomaly makes this a priority target.

In the case that the anomalous IP response is related to graphitic carbon, the source could be a carbonaceous stratigraphic or structural unit, in which the carbon has been thermally matured to graphite in a metamorphic aureole surrounding an intrusive body. If the carbonaceous unit is a calcareous shale or shaley limestone, the anomaly may define a potential host rock. The north-south trending structure and possible structural block, as indicated by the gravity high, present a potential target with respect to structurally and/or lithologically-controlled gold mineralization.

The primary exploration target defined by this work is the highly- anomalous, northerly-trending IP anomaly located along the eastern side of Chalk Mountain. Testing of this feature is planned by drilling to the west with several fences of holes. In addition, numerous structural features were indicated in the gravity data and are also exploration targets. In total, ten to twelve potential drill targets have been identified.

The Sentinel property is located in northern Humbolt County, Nevada, approximately 80 miles northwest of Winnemucca.

Australian Ores and Minerals (AOM) discovered gold mineralization at Sentinel in the 1990′s. A portion of their work comprised a close spaced soil geochemical sampling program. Approximately 984 soil samples on 100 foot grid spacing were collected and analyzed over an area of sericite-quartz alteration. The AOM soil samples reported gold values up to 2.1 ppm with large areas of plus 100 ppb.

A soil sampling program by Inter-Rock is underway at the Sentinel property. A total of 230 samples were gathered on a 100 foot grid at both the northern section of the property and at the southern boundary of the previously outlined anomalous gold zone. The sampling targeted the hydrothermal clay alteration zones. The samples have been split and will be submitted for analysis shortly.

In addition to Stingaree Valley and Sentinel, Inter-Rock holds three other mineral properties in northern Nevada. Two are available for option and one has been optioned to General Copper, Inc.

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