Invitation for expressions of interest as investor in coal properties

Invitation for expressions of interest as investor in coal properties

The Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) hereby invites prospective Investors to express interest in acquiring any of the Coal Blocks, which were hitherto held by the Nigerian Coal Corporation (NCC), Enugu.

The Nigerian Coal Corporation (NCC) was established in 1950 under the Coal Ordinance No. 20. It had the exclusive rights to mine coal in Nigeria until 1999, when the Federal Government of Nigeria established a policy and legislation that de-regulated mineral exploration and exploitation. This opened up the sector to private industry participation and resulted in entering into joint ventures on an equity participation basis. FGN is currently divesting from all of its operating interests in the sector.

The following Coal Properties wholly owned and developed by NCC will be offered for sale to prospective investors through a competitive bidding process. The properties to be offered for sale are as follows:

1. Okpara Mine (Enugu State); 2. Onyeama Mine (Enugu State); 3. Okaba Coal Field (Kogi State); 4. Owukpa Coal Field (Benue State); 5. Ogboyoga I Coal Field (Kogi State); 6. Ogboyoga II Coal Field (Kogi State); 7. Ezinmo Coal Field (Enugu State); 8. Inyi Coal Field (Enugu State); 9. Ogwashi-Azagba Lignite Field (Delta State); and

10. Amansiodo Coal Field (Enugu State)

Applicants are expected to be local / international investors or groups with proven track record in ownership, financial capability and technical competence in the exploration and / or mining of coal.

In order to be pre-qualified, the prospective Investor must possess verifiable evidence of Technical, Managerial and Financial capability to own and manage the coal properties. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Ӣ Record of successful investment and technical management in the coal exploration and mining; Ӣ Record of running mining operations that successfully balance relevant externalities like community relations and the environment; and

Ӣ The requisite financial resources.


Interested investors should indicate their interest by providing the following documentation and information:

 Full name of company and contact person, postal address, telephone / fax numbers and e-mail address.
 Ownership structure of the company;

– Name(s) of major shareholders, and
– Percentage shareholdings.

 Audited financial statements for the past five (5) years.
 Technical and operational capabilities

Ӣ s РNumber of years in coal exploration and / or mining; РLocal and international experience in the industry; and

– List of coal properties owned or managed by the firm.

 Composition and profile of management team showing qualification and years of experience in coal exploration and / or mining.  Evidence of ample financial resources.

 A listing of the coal properties for which the Investor is seeking pre-qualification

Upon receipt of the Expressions of Interest (EOI) from interested investors, the BPE shall evaluate and pre-qualify applicants for the coal properties of their choice. Thereafter, pre-qualified applicants will be issued bidding packages for the coal properties of their choice upon payment of Five hundred thousand naira (N 500, 000) only per property in bank draft drawn in favour of the Bureau of Public Enterprises. Details of the bidding procedure shall be contained in the bidding package.

An original and five (5) copies of Expressions of Interest in a sealed envelope clearly marked ”EOI COAL PROPERTIES” at the top right hand corner shall be delivered to one of the addresses below not later than Friday, November 17th, 2006 by 5.00pm:

Director General Bureau of Public Enterprises 11, Osun Crescent Maitama

Abuja ”“ Nigeria

Attn: Director (Extractive Industries), Tel: 234 – 9 – 4134662, 4134636- 46. Fax: 234 – 9 – 4134662


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