Iron Ore Could Be New Source Of Income For Perak

Iron Ore Could Be New Source Of Income For Perak

The mining of iron ore could become a new source of income for Perak, replacing tin mining which in the past had been a major source of income for the state.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali said the state government had received many applications from companies keen on carrying out iron ore mining.

He, however, declined to give details of the areas in Perak said to have iron ore deposits, explaining that it would be unfair to the companies that had carried out the relevant research.

“They had carried out their respective studies using satellite. They have the satellite images of the said sites. Therefore, it will not be fair for me to reveal the details of the areas as they have paid for those satellite images,” he told reporters after an Exco meeting, here Wednesday.

Asked on the viability of the mining activity, Tajol Rosli said the interested companies would not have made their applications if there were no prospects.

He said the state government is prepared to give approval if the land areas being requested for mining are not close to a river or residential area.

“If the area is already possessed by someone, then the company would have to deal with the relevant land owner directly,” he said.

The state government would also give mining approval to only companies with the capabilities to ensure that the licenses given are not used for other activities such as buying a hilly area for sale later, he said.

On another development, Tajol Rosli said the meeting today had also agreed to permit 70 operators of sand mines in Perak to carry on with their operations until this February 28 while awaiting the approval of the state government.

“From now till February 28, we would be holding meetings. The operators who are given approvals, would be able to carry on their operations until the end of this year, while those who don’t receive the approvals, would have to stop,” he said.

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