Jackson Twp. to consider co.s mining agreement

Jackson Twp. to consider co.s mining agreement

Jackson Township’s supervisors are considering an agreement with Old Castle Industrial Minerals on South Biesecker Road.

Old Castle Industrial Minerals has requested a variance for permission to engage in underground mining north of Route 30. The company has developed an agreement with about 30 neighbors outlining how claims and damages to the residents’ property would be compensated in exchange for them agreeing not to object at an upcoming zoning hearing or appeal the decision.

There will be a zoning hearing 7 p.m. today at the township municipal building.

After the zoning hearing, additional neighbors may ask to be included in the agreement, company Attorney Rand Feder said.

The agreement stipulates that, if property values decline because of the underground blasting, the property owners would be compensated, Feder said. Also, the agreement outlines that any property-value compensation claims will run with the property as opposed to just the current owners, he said.

The township’s responsibility would be to retain a copy of Old Castle Industrial Mineral’s surety bond and liability insurance, in case residents want to review them, Township Solicitor David Jones said.

The township board of supervisors said it will make a decision about whether to agree to it at a future meeting.

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