Kat Exploration Announces Rusty Ridge Property Ready for Drilling

Kat Exploration Announces Rusty Ridge Property Ready for Drilling

Kat Exploration announce that exploration on it’s “Rusty Ridge” (IOCG) property was highly successful in identifying coincidental magnetic IP resistivity and soil geochemical anomalies that suggest potential for a body of Iron Oxide +/- Base, Precious and Rare Earth type mineralization, similar in style and setting to the giant Olympic Dam deposit in Australia.

Olympic Dam and related deposits all occur within continental rift sequence rocks adjacent to major structures. The Rusty Ridge is located within a continental extensional environment within peralkaline rocks emplaced adjacent to a regional fault system. The presence of a large magnetic body that appears to be intrusive into the overlying rock sequences that appear regionally altered, are variably pyretic and contain vein type fluorite mineralization and appears to suggest a magnetic origin for the mineralization.

A recently completed 3D inversion modeling of the airborne magnetic data show a discreet, strong magnetic anomaly underlying the Rusty Ridge area. Coincidental with this are moderate to strong IP chargeability anomalies that suggest either graphite or significant concentrations of sulphides. Graphite can be for the most part eliminated as the rocks are terrestrial, not marine meaning that conductive argillaceous rocks would not be expected in this environment.

Anomalous levels of the Light Rare Earth Elements (LREE) cerium and lanthanum, all present in Olympic Dam (and others), were not only detected in soils but also in rock samples. Other rare earth elements such as Yttrium(Y), Niobium(NB), Zirconium(ZR) along with Uranium, were all detected in both soil and rock samples. In addition, the soil geochemistry also produced anomalies in silver, gold and copper.

The host rocks for most of the mineral occurrences and the unit overlying the most intense portion of the magnetic anomaly is a brecciated, hematitic felsic volcanic rock, locally with veins of purple fluorite and disseminated pyrite.

This property has already generated a lot of interest from mining companies and is being offered as a Joint Venture (JV) project.

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