Magnum DOr Resources Issues JV Update & Clarification

Magnum DOr Resources Issues JV Update & Clarification

Magnum D’Or Resources, Inc. announces in an effort to squelch unfounded rumors regarding the relation of Magnum D’Or Resources, Inc. and Green Rubber, Magnum wishes to inform speculative parties that there is no relationship or connection to the company known as Green Rubber. We wish to acknowledge that there have been reports of inaccurate speculation currently circulating on the internet and message boards in the U.S. that Magnum is providing the same products as Green Rubber or that there may be some collaborative dealings. These rumors are totally unfounded and completely inaccurate.

For the record, Magnum would like to state that it and its Joint Venture Partner Sekhar Research Innovations have no connection what so ever with Green Rubber. Our activities revolve around the production of crumb rubber and the application of various recycling technologies to produce finished products. Our primary developments are involved in proprietary processing equipment which allow for bulk volume, cost effective application of these technologies in addition of the introduction of proprietary processing aids that enhance the properties of the final compounds towards ease of use in final product manufacture. We are operating in an entirely different category on the process chain working on TPE’s through to EPDM and natural rubber applications. The potential is nearly limitless in terms of the raw material availability and the viability of impact on a wide variety of applications. The developments being mooted by Magnum and Sekhar Research Innovations are technically and commercially significant in their own right and should not be linked in any way with any other company, entity, or any other developments.

– Technology is involved in processing equipment. – Use of new processing aids. – Process Knowhow for successful introduction in final product manufacture. – As we are large scale crumb producers we pay for and use all available technologies involved in the recycling industry subject to the materials and the processing requirements. Our proprietary developments are involved in the large scale implementation of these technologies in a cost effective and in certain cases, technically superior manner.

– Our applications range from the use of enhanced cryogenically produced rubber scrap and ambient material devulcanized and surface treated using existing technologies but utilizing our proprietary equipment followed by the introduction of our processing aids.

Magnum is excited to announce the basis of the new technology agreements provides far superior techniques and processes over those previously licensed with Artech/Spreelast.

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