Magulumali to See Kaolin Mineral Explored

Magulumali to See Kaolin Mineral Explored

Sunday, August 6th 2006

Kooki County MP Erasmus Mugumya Magulumali, a retired Major and an independent MP says he will not rest until the strategic industrial Kaolin mineral in his constituency is explored.

The new mineral once mined will be used in the making of wall and floor tiles, paper, chalk, and sanitary towels among others. Magulumali said all he wants from the government is for the people of Kooki to have a fair share of the mineral.

“We intend to attract investors because the mineral is there in plenty,” he said.

He wants the Uganda Development Bank to provide capital to local people to set up various industries in the area, an undertaking that will create numerous jobs for the people there.

He says President Yoweri Museveni is aware and the Kaolin samples have been taken to Dar er Salaam in the East African Mineral Research Centre and they are awaiting results. The mineral is most abundant in the sub-county of Dwaniro with more than 2 million tonnes.

Born in 1951 in Kooki, Magulumali is married with six children. He went to Serinnya Primary School, Masaka Senior Secondary School in 1965-1970 and Kololo Secondary School for his higher education.

He did a survey-training course in Entebbe in 1973 and worked with Uganda Commercial Bank in 1974 after which he went into business. The former Prime Minister, Mr Kintu Musoke is his mentor and maternal uncle inspired him to join the army.

” In 1979 I joined the army to fight the Idi Amin regime after being indoctrinated by Musoke. I left my family in Masaka and joined the Uganda National Liberation Front, a rebel group then, ” he says.

With the advice of Musoke, Magulumali went to Tanzania to train with Gen. Elly Tumwine and Gen. Katumba Wamala among others.

” While in Tanzania, officers were divided up along political lines. Those for President Museveni and the pro-Obote,” he said. Magulumali has a long story to tell regarding his political career. He has been in prison three times.

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