MIPSolutions, Inc. Announces Selectivity Results for Molecularly Imprinted Ionomer (MII) Beads

MIPSolutions, Inc. Announces Selectivity Results for Molecularly Imprinted Ionomer (MII) Beads

Tuesday, August 5th 2008

MIPSolutions, Inc., a Nevada corporation with offices in Spokane, WA, today announced that third-party laboratory analyses has verified that the Company’s recently developed MIP (Molecularly Imprinted Polymer) bead has successfully separated gold from a gold cyanide solution loaded with mercury without also removing mercury. The MIP bead was first pioneered at the Company’s laboratory at the University of Utah’s Research Park. This further verification of the performance of the MIP bead is great news for the mining industry because the bead and extraction process offers a potential end to the process of distilling mercury to separate it from a mixture of many other metals including gold and silver.

As background, gold mining is becoming more difficult as good gold sources are mined out and gold miners are increasingly dependent upon marginal gold sources. Many of the marginal sources contain significant amounts of mercury, which is often recovered with the gold and is then released into the environment from a process known as retorting. Retorting separates mercury from gold by essentially distilling the mercury. The resulting gaseous mercury can easily escape from the retort system and ends up in the environment to become a deadly toxin. The MIPSolutions system has been shown to selectively isolate gold from mercury, obviating the need for retorting.

The analyses showed that MIPSolutions’ MIP beads removed all of the gold (as dicyanoaurate) from solution, while ignoring the mercury (as dicyano mercurate) so that it may be isolated later without it being volatilized as is the common practice today.

The Company anticipates that mining operators located in areas with mercury-laden gold reserves will especially benefit from the Company’s MIP bead technology. Presently, in many areas the EPA strongly encourages the reduction of mercury emissions and this latest development by the Company provides a completely clean and green extraction process for removing mercury from gold and silver. The Company is planning to immediately bring the laboratory results into the real world by working with suitable partners in the gold mining industry.

“These results help to reinforce what molecular imprinting has to offer to both environmental stewardship and to progressive industrial development,” said Dr. Glen Southard, Chief Science Officer of MIPSolutions.

MIPSolutions is focused on the development of technologies to be deployed in the mining, environmental, medical, and potable water markets. Our technology is supported by a License Agreement with The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and our own Intellectual Property. The technology incorporates a process to selectively capture target molecules which, after being isolated, can be released and concentrated into a pure saleable product. The process enables the advancement of products designed to focus on toxic, problematic, and/or valuable elements. Founded in 2005, MIP Solutions, Inc. is a public corporation headquartered in Spokane, Washington with laboratory facilities and offices in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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