Moncton wants N.B. to ban uranium mining

Moncton wants N.B. to ban uranium mining

City council in Moncton, N.B., voted unanimously Monday night to call on the province to ban all uranium exploration and mining in New Brunswick.

The councillors are particularly worried about uranium exploration on the outskirts of the city.

The mining giant Vale Inco (formerly known as CVRD-Inco) is exploring for uranium south and west of Moncton.

A smaller exploration company announced two weeks ago it found an interesting deposit just north of the city.

Coun. Louisa Barton-Duguay said she feels besieged by the mining companies.

“[That’s] because there’s properties that have been staked right up to our boundaries. Moncton’s ringed,” she said.

“I believe this resolution needs to be passed tonight to protect our province too. I don’t think it should be the garbage dump of North America, which some of our premiers seem to want to make it.”

Councillor Pierre Boudreau said it should be about protecting the environment and people’s health.

“We’re talking about big money,” Boudreau said. “That should not be what rules the day in New Brunswick on an issue that could affect the health of our children and ourselves.”

Two councillors noted they’ve already tried to stop oil and gas exploration in the city’s watershed. A resolution to that affect was sent to Premier Shawn Graham months ago.

So far it’s been ignored.


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