New Mexico Town Prepares to Embrace the Return of Uranium Mining

New Mexico Town Prepares to Embrace the Return of Uranium Mining

City, county and state officials for Grants, New Mexico and Cibola County are enthusiastic at the prospects of uranium miners returning to what was once one of the world’s largest uranium mining districts. If they return to Grants, Head of Economic Development for Cibola County Star Gonzales promises, ”We will greet them with open arms!” Mayor of Grants, New Mexico, former Vietnam veteran Joe Murrietta, was just as excited, telling, ”We can handle the mining industry, and we look forward to having it back.” Many of the local officials have direct experience with uranium mining, such as Murrietta who worked for Anaconda, when they mined uranium in New Mexico.

Grants’ City Manager Bob Horacek remembered working in a uranium mill, twenty five years ago as a college student, to help pay for his college tuition. When informed that one uranium development company might build a mill near Grants, New Mexico, Horacek responded, ”I would like to visit with them.” He and other local officials believe uranium would be a real boon to the country’s economic growth. State Senator Joseph A Fidel, a Democrat representing District 30, which includes Cibola and Socorro counties told, ”I would be happy to have mining come back. It would be very positive economically.”

Who are the serious players in the current New Mexico uranium mining landscape? Which companies acquired the most prospective properties, which major oil and mining companies dropped during the twenty-year uranium bear market? And why is New Mexico the key to a ”uranium renaissance” for the domestic uranium industry?


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