North Bay Resources Goes Green With Vanadium Acquisition

North Bay Resources Goes Green With Vanadium Acquisition

North Bay Resources Inc. announce that it has acquired the Pine River Vanadium deposit in northeastern British Columbia. Vanadium is a strategic metal that is irreplaceable in a number of applications, including alternative energy storage, where its environmentally friendly attributes have led many to now refer to it as the “green” metal.

Pine River Vanadium covers 1,810 acres and is located in the Pine River Valley, approximately 700 kilometres northeast of Vancouver and about 600 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. While its location is remote, the property has excellent infrastructure with regard to both transportation and energy. A paved highway passes through and alongside the claims, which also runs parallel with the Pine River. The B.C. Railway crosses on the opposite side of the valley as does the Peace River Power transmission line. Natural gas and oil pipelines also follow the highway through the valley.

Sampling documented in MINFLE 093O 009 and Assessment Report 20372 has thus far defined a vanadium-bearing zone with a length of 200 metres and an estimated true width of 100 metres. Over 40 samples were assayed, with yields ranging in value from 0.219 to 0.47% vanadium, and up to 0.83% vanadium pentoxide (V2O5). The deposit is estimated to contain at least several million tonnes, though these estimates are very preliminary and based on an examination of a very small portion of the overall property.

Research by the Company thus far indicates that North Bay now holds the only property in British Columbia where vanadium is the primary resource. Besides its traditional uses, such as in the manufacture of high-strength and super-light steel alloys, vanadium has in recent years seen ever-increasing demand for use in the next generation of high-capacity batteries that can be charged and recharged indefinitely. Hybrid cars, as well as large-scale wind and solar energy installations, all benefit from vanadium batteries to make these technologies more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. Its use in alternative energy is one of the reasons that Discover Magazine recently called vanadium “the element that could change the world.”

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