Northern Shield Provides Encouraging Update on Eastbank

Northern Shield Provides Encouraging Update on Eastbank

Northern Shield Resources Inc. announce an encouraging update regarding its 100% owned Eastbank Property in the James Bay Lowlands of northwestern Ontario. Microprobe analysis of 15 chromite grains recovered from a previously completed till sampling program at Eastbank (see press release dated April 29, 2008) show four of these grains to have high chrome content and exceptionally high chrome to iron ratios. Chrome grades range from 35 to 53.6% Cr2O3 with Cr:Fe ratios ranging from 1.2:1 to 3.6:1.

The grades and ratios of all 15 grains are not only indicative of chromite sourced from mafic-ultramafic layered intrusions but the very high Cr:Fe ratios suggest some of the chromite is coming from reefs in the lowermost or outer levels of a layered intrusion. This is supported by the identification of several serpentinized peridotite fragments in the same samples from which the chromite grains were recovered. Chromite reefs with Cr:Fe ratios greater than 1.8 : 1 are sought after for their chrome metal potential. Chromite reefs are also a strong indicator of the PGE potential of a layered intrusion.

Northern Shield’s management has interpreted the Eastbank geophysical target to represent the lower sequence of a layered intrusion and likely the continuation of the Highbank Lake Intrusive Complex.

“These results are very motivating,” says Northern Shield president and CEO, Ian Bliss. “We are eager to drill test Eastbank after the Max/Wabassi program is completed.”

The till samples were processed by Overburden Drilling Management Ltd of Ottawa, Ontario with microprobe analysis being completed at the Electron Beam Laboratory at the Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa. The sampling program was overseen by Christine Vaillancourt, Northern Shield’s Chief Geologist, who is a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101.

Northern Shield is an innovative, results-driven Canadian company focused on diamond and Platinum Group Element (PGE) exploration in Ontario. Its mission is to create a successful mineral exploration company through technical excellence and efficient management, where success is measured by the identification and development of high-quality mineral exploration projects, which may ultimately be optioned, sold or developed for maximum return on investment. For further information on Northern Shield and its properties, please visit our website at

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