Pason Systems Inc. announces transition to new Mexican partner

Pason Systems Inc. announces transition to new Mexican partner

Jim Hill, President of Pason Systems Inc., wishes to announce that effective December 1, 2008 the rental operations and support of Pason products in Mexico will be transitioned from the current partner, Pedro Galindo, to Pason’s South American partner, Gary Storey, operating under the name of Pason DGS.

Mr. Hill commented, “The management of our products, reporting software, communications, inventory control, non-English technical support and individual country R&D needs is becoming increasingly complex. The Pason international business partners must create a significant management level to interact with and obtain the support of the specialists in Calgary’s corporate services group. This management level is difficult to support or financially justify from just the Mexican market. However, with Mexico now rolled under the management of Pason DGS, the management burden is now shared across many more countries.

Pedro Galindo has done an excellent job in taking our business from start-up in 2001 to approximately US$4 million of annual revenues today. We are happy to offer continuing employment to all of Pedro’s people and will also continue to lease his existing offices and warehouses. Further, Pedro will continue to be associated with the Pason Mexico business in a marketing role which should ensure that the management transition goes smoothly and all customer relationships continue unaffected.

All of us involved, the Calgary corporate services group, Pedro Galindo, Gary Storey and I sincerely believe that we can continue to significantly grow our instrumentation rental business in Mexico.”

Pason Systems Inc. is the world’s largest provider of rental oilfield instrumentation systems that are designed and manufactured for use on land-based drilling and service rigs. Pason has elevated the scope of oilfield instrumentation from its historical commodity priced framework by offering a tightly integrated package of complex services including data acquisition, wellsite reporting software, remote communications and Internet information management tools.

Pason’s common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol PSI. For additional information visit the website at

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