Petrolia Progresses and Drills the Tar Point No. 1 Well

Petrolia Progresses and Drills the Tar Point No. 1 Well

Petrolia announce that on Friday October 23 it spudded of the Petrolia Tar Point No 1 well. This well is the second in a series of six that the Company expects to complete in the Gaspe region over the next twelve months, in order to reach its objective of becoming Quebec’s first petroleum producer. Only a portion of the costs for the six wells should be paid directly by the Company. Petrolia holds a 100 % interest in this property and is acting as the operator for the work. The knowledge acquired with the previous well should enable Petrolia to optimize its chances of a second successful discovery, and especially to substantially increase the production capacity of this new well.

The Petrolia Tar Point well is located 16 km from the town of Gaspe, Quebec, and 11 km south east of the Haldimand property. The Petrolia Tar Point well will have a depth of about 1,500 meters. Surface casing has been set at 213 meters; on October 28, it had reached a depth of 465 meters.

The geological structure at Tar Point is similar of Haldimand, which gave Quebec its first petroleum discovery. The well’s target is the naturally fractured sandstone of the York River Formation, similar to those encountered in the Haldimand No.2 well

Having proven the existence of open fractures in the Haldimand No. 2 well, Petrolia decided to change its initial drilling program for Petrolia Tar Point so as to increase the potential capacity of its new well. Consequently, below a depth of 400 meters the well has been deviated to the northwest and drilled at an angle of between 20 and 30 degrees to intersect a greater number of fractures. To do so, the well will be drilled with down-hole motor and directional sensors, in order to have achieved proper over the well’s direction and inclination.

“If the Petrolia Tar Point well encounters the same geological conditions as Haldimand, this deviation could increase the well’s capacity. Initial results from the drilling should be available within 40 days, the projected duration of the drilling” says Andre Proulx, Petrolia’s President.

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