Quest Makes Additional Improvements At Pond Creek

Quest Makes Additional Improvements At Pond Creek

Quest Minerals & Mining Corp., a Kentucky-based operator of energy and mineral related properties, confirmed today that it has thoroughly overhauled the existing infrastructure and mining equipment at its pond creek mine location in order to gear up for major production.

Everett Hampton, President of Whitestar Mining, LLC, commented, “For the past 10 days, we have refurbished and modified all of the key inner workings essential to our operations. Splitting the beltline to add another head drive; and replacing 1,200 feet of used conveyor belt that was more than ten years old was just one of the major improvements. We also added four feet to the belt feeder along with its own motor so that it will run independent of the beltline and therefore, cause fewer delays. Lastly, we focused on the machinery by installing new hydraulic jacks to the roof bolter and refurbishing the under carriage on our joy 14-10a miner to give it better output efficiency. Ultimately, we have taken every measure possible to ensure that we will not only produce high coal volume, but to have this mine in the shape needed to sustain consistent production levels.”

Eugene Chiaramonte, Jr., President of Quest, stated, “We are very pleased with the performance of Whitestar. I have observed first hand their commitment and desire to make this mine a successful operation. I have no doubt that they will finish what they have started. The company should have some impressive tonnage reports to release within the next few weeks.”

Quest Minerals & Mining Corp., or Quest, acquires and operates energy and mineral related properties in the southeastern part of the United States. Quest focuses its efforts on properties that produce quality compliance blend coal.

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