Rampart Ventures Encouraged by Deep Drilling in Sibley Basin

Rampart Ventures Encouraged by Deep Drilling in Sibley Basin

Dr. Hikmet Akin, President of Rampart Ventures Ltd. , is pleased to report that the Company has now completed four diamond drill holes into the deep part of the Sibley basin, targeting unconformity-type uranium mineralization following encouraging surface exploration and shallow diamond drilling in the Split Rapids area in 2005. As well, further stripping and prospecting has been ongoing on the Split Rapids uranium trend. Sixteen grab samples from two newly exposed zones were assayed with results up to 17.91% U3O8.

Drilling to date has established and essentially confirmed the stratigraphy of the Sibley basin in the project area. Initially, technical drilling challenges were experienced largely due to abundant, partially salty water and unconsolidated sand near the unconformity. These challenges have now been overcome. Due to numerous forest fires burning in the region, the move to the next hole has been temporarily delayed. In light of the high Uranium values associated locally with iron formation in the Sibley basin, the next hole is designed to test a 21 square kilometre magnetic anomaly located in the center part of the property.

“We are particularly encouraged by the presence of hematitic alteration and veins of salt in basement rocks at depths of at least 100 metres below the unconformity, a clear sign that there has been fluid interaction between the sedimentary basin and the basement rocks. Such interaction is considered to be a key ingredient in the formation of unconformity-type uranium mineralization. Also the presence of alteration minerals illite and kaolinite in the Sibley sandstone is a very positive sign. In addition, the unconsolidated sand near the base of the Sibley sediments, although it impedes drilling, is clear evidence of lateral permeability in the basin which is generally considered to be another important factor in the mineralizing process. Permeability is also required in basement rocks and at Split Rapids, where such rocks are exposed for examination, numerous closely spaced micro-faults and fractures provide excellent permeability in the basement rocks. An ongoing program of deep drilling in Sibley basin remains a top priority for Rampart,” stated Dr. Akin.

Additional Exploration at Split Rapids

Zone G, which was found in 2005 but could not be sampled, has now been fully exposed. It consists of a mineralized fault zone which offsets the iron formation (Zone D, where drill hole BS05-30 cut 2.99% U3O8 over 1.5 metres, lies a few metres to the west of the fault). Zone A West has now been opened up by stripping as well and consists of a series of mineralized fractures and seams extending over a length of 15 metres, trending away from the iron formation. A total of sixteen grab samples were collected from the zones G and A West with results up to 17.9% U3O8. Other assays include 13.33%, 12.05%, 8.40%, 5.54% and 5.34% U3O8. Five more samples assayed between 1% and 4% U3O8, gave assays less than 1% U3O8.

Technical information in this news release has been prepared by Colin Bowdidge, Ph.D., P.Geo., a Qualified Person as defined in NI43-101. Assays quoted were performed by Loring Laboratories Ltd. of Calgary, using fluorimetric methods for samples with less than 5% U3O8 and titrimetric methods over 5% U3O8.

Hikmet Akin, President

Rampart Ventures Ltd.

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