Residents Concerned Over Drilling

Residents Concerned Over Drilling

More than two years ago, the Techsol chemical spill in Westmoreland drove five hundred people from their homes. Marathon Ashland has already settled with many of the neighbors in the affected area…but now, they’re worried about more drilling for soil samples near their neighborhood.

It all started in October 2004, when Techsol tried to transfer about 22 thousand gallons of coal tar light oil from a rail car to a tanker truck for Marathon Ashland. Since then, lawsuits have been settled and special wells were installed. Many residents we talked to say that respiratory problems are widespread in the neighborhood.

But now, the Arcadis Company, contacted by Marathon Ashland, is drilling in the area again. We tried to get in touch with Marathon Petroleum to find out exactly what the drilling is all about, but as of this writing nobody has called us back.

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